Last January, we made a promise to 120 new students and their families. To help them receive a high quality Christian education,
no matter the cost. 

Breaking that promise is not an option. 

But right now, the money isn’t there.

Your love and compassion can help children in Latin America receive Christian education
and care all year long.

Unlike schools in Canada, our partner schools don’t receive any government funding. There are no large corporations who send money to help these kids. 

The only people standing up for them are regular, everyday, caring Canadians like you. 

Will you help make sure these 120 students have a seat in the classroom this fall? 
It costs $600 to keep one child in school for an entire year. That’s about $50 per month, or $1.60 per day. 

A gift of $50 from a kind-hearted person like you can provide:

  • One month of high quality education from trained teachers
  • One month of healthy meals and nurturing care
  • One month of being able to just be a kid
  • One month of experiencing the deep love of Jesus
  • …Along with uniforms, textbooks, and health check-ups!


Your care is vital. Because to keep all 120 of these students in school for a year, we need to raise $72,000!

Small, faithful steps from loving people like you are how we’ll get there. 
Thank you for making space for these children and their families in your heart. 

May God bless you!