Last January, we made a promise to 120 new students and their families. To help them receive a high quality Christian education, no matter the cost.

Breaking that promise is not an option...but right now, the money isn’t there.
Your love and compassion can help children in Latin America receive Christian education and care all year long

Yes, I want to help!

We Build Schools 

In rural hamlets and urban slums, we build, renovate and expand schools that cater specifically to children living in extreme poverty.

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We Train Teachers

A quality education starts with a quality teacher. We hire, train and develop local teachers and leaders that have a passion for educating the next generation.

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We Provide Scholarships

When you choose to sponsor a child, your scholarship helps a family provide everything they need for their child to go to school.

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Give the gift of Christian education.

You can help a child born into poverty get off the streets and into a classroom to get a quality education that will help them build a better life.

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Children born into poverty in Latin America who don't get a quality education often get trapped in poverty—for generations. We’re on a mission to change that.

We believe in the power of the local church. Our school projects are locally-led and community-owned

We deploy your donations to the field, where local churches help children in their community get off the street and into a classroom to receive a life-changing education.

Your Good Works At Work

She has the power to build a hopeful future. You have the power to help her.

Providing a scholarship is the best way to help a child living in poverty get an education and develop their God-given skills and talents.

Sponsor a Child

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